Account Manager

DDG Smart Marketing, Belgium


Aurélie has always been passionate about organizing events. Before joining DDG, she worked for a Korean organization that was supporting Korean tech startups that wanted to expand into Europe. She was in charge of all event management and communication.
She also worked for a Colloquium, a French PCO, organizing large events with up to 6,000 participants. In total, she accumulated more than five years of experience in the business and she couldn’t be happier about her career path.
Aurélie holds a diploma in event management and wrote her thesis about green events, she also studied graphic design for a year in Australia.
She demonstrates creativity, professionalism and meticulousness throughout the creation, support and management of events. She will listen to your needs and execute them accurately. She is also involved in the sales and marketing side of the company, helping to develop DDG as a brand and as a trusted partner when it comes to organizing any event.

Did you know?

A great traveller, Aurélie has lived abroad for nearly four years, working as an au pair in New York and studying in Australia. She also went canoe camping in Canada, did a meditation camp in India, enjoyed beautiful Bali and Japan, hiked in Costa Rica and swam with dolphins in Cuba, her next big trip will be Thailand.

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