Project Manager

DDG Smart Marketing, Belgium


Cedric is a born organizer and a real busy bee. He began his career after studying communication management and communication sciences. As a graduate in strategic communications, he started in hospitality as a communications manager.

Monitoring different catering business, restaurant and bars were the perfect first work experience to learn all aspects of a business. From marketing to HR and everything in between were part of the duties. Very versatile and never boring. However, the need for more event and marketing tasks was great and after four great years followed 3 exciting years at Copaco.

As marketing coordinator for this IT distributor, a great responsibility in all kinds of events followed. From start to finish, large and small events passed his hand. This in combination with the marketing around it and the follow-up of the marketing/event budget. In the last 7 years, Cedric has gained a lot of experience in events, marketing and this mainly within the IT sector.

He is besides project manager also involved in sales at DDG. As a social and cheerful person, he comes across as very jovial. Helping to bring an event to a successful conclusion is his motivation and passion.


Did you know?

Cedric has a busy social life. For more than 10 years he played competitive badminton and now you can find him at least three days a week on a padel court, on his racing bike or running through the fields. Five years ago you could regularly find him behind the bar of cultural centers as a bartender, now very occasionally that nostalgia comes back and he stands as a bartender at events. With some additional side projects, the agenda is fully filled.

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