Junior Marketing Assistant

DDG Smart Marketing, Belgium


Daren has taken on various professional roles during his time in Mauritius. Starting as a secondary school teacher, then a tourism enforcement officer, he is currently a Junior Marketing Assistance Intern at DDG. Despite his studies in Tourism and Event Management & Public Relations, he is new to the marketing and events sector. The desire for a new adventure led him to complete his studies in Marketing Management in the heart of Europe, in Brussels.

Through his experience of working with students and tourism operators, Daren has developed his interpersonal skills and strong problem-solving abilities which he now brings to DDG. Initially a rather quiet person, Daren is an empathetic and outgoing individual who always looks forward to a pleasant conversation. Whether it’s about travel destinations, dinosaurs, or the latest documentary you watched.

Daren is always willing to lend a hand and has participated in several social activities as a member of the Lions Club International.

In taking on this new marketing challenge, Daren is passionate about learning new marketing tools and the latest trends in the events sector.


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