Junior Project Manager

DDG Smart Marketing, The Netherlands


Ine started in March 2019 as a junior project manager, she supports two project managers in Belgium. It is a very varied job that goes from contact with suppliers to registration onsite. She often travels between the office in Brussels and The Netherlands to visit her colleagues at the HQ!

With a chaotic but creative mind, Ine always makes sure everyone feels well and the atmosphere is good. In 2019 she graduated as a communications manager. She previously completed an internship at a bilingual PR & Events bureau in Ghent where she had a lot of contact with journalists and organised a lot of press events. What she loves about events is that it can feel really daring to organise something and when it succeeds you’re always really satisfied and proud of yourself and the team. She is really happy with the opportunity she has to learn so much and work with very experienced people.

Did you know?

Ine often thinks that she was born in the wrong century and that she should have been young during the 80’s. She loves the music from that time period as she grew up with bands like Queen, The Cure, Guns N’ Roses, Fleetwood Mac and The Smiths. That’s why she now has a really broad music taste going from the nineties to the sixties, which results in nobody that would dare to compete in a music quiz with her! She recently bought a record player and started collecting records.

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