Account Manager

DDG Smart Marketing, The Netherlands


Judit started her studies with an associate degree in event management. When graduated, her curiosity made her continue studying. A few years later she graduated in communication management and started working at the Dutch Data Driven Marketing Association. She quickly noticed that communication management was not the only thing she was interested in. So, Judit became a program manager. Her goal was to get the data-driven marketing sector to the next level, by spreading knowledge via research reports, events, maturity tests, codes of conducts and so on. While growing in her position and working there for several years she started to recognise new concepts. She did not only identify these new concepts, but she got the chance to make projects come to life. Whilst doing this she found out that there was one thing that gave her endless energy: live contact, events and meetings, to share knowledge and build new things. This is exactly what made her join DDG. Judit will grab every opportunity and use every creative way to go for bigger and better every time!

Did you know?

Whilst travelling Indonesia the idea of doing a four day volcano hike popped up. The fact that she only had sneakers and flip flops didn’t fear her. Little did she know that this experience was going to change her life. After four days of just walking (on those damn sneakers), rain, cold, sleeping in tents, pee and poop in nature, she reached the top and lost her toenail at the same time. For her it was both the most awful and wonderful experience at the same time. She found out that no mountain is too high. If you really want it, you can do it.

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