Account Manager

DDG Smart Marketing, The Netherlands


Ever since she was young Judith loved to make people happy and would do anything for a smile. When it was time to choose her field of study she didn’t have to think long. “Events are all about making people happy”, she thought, so that is what I’ll do.

Even though making people happy and unburdening them is still one of the things she loves in her work, it has now turned into one of the many things. At DDG, her role as project manager involves a lot of different aspects, from designing marketing communication campaigns and creating marketing materials to making sure all the event logistics are in place and the event is running smoothly on the day itself. She loves to get creative and work with a theme that shows in all aspects of a campaign.

She has always been in the events industry and has seen different sides of it, from training to the venue-side. Judith also lived in London for two years, to study and work in events and of course, to experience the great events that the city has to offer.

Did you know?

If Judith could pick one ‘superpower’ it would be to be able to fly. Unfortunately, that is not possible, so she decided that jumping out of a plane would be the closest she would get. She has done this three times, the first time was ten years ago in Gran Canaria during a beautiful sunset. One of the most exciting things she has ever done!

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