Junior Marketing Assistant

DDG Smart Marketing, Portugal


Born in Lisbon, Mariana’s passion for art, creativity, and communication led her to pursue degrees in Design and Digital Marketing. Through studying and working in different countries, she gained valuable experiences and insights, and developed various skills that have shaped her into the person she is today, with a strong desire to learn, improve, and grow both professionally and personally.

Mariana is now a Junior Marketing Assistant at DDG Smart Marketing, where she values the positive atmosphere, teamwork, and opportunities for growth.

She is known for her contagious zest for life, ability to make others laugh, and create an atmosphere of joy and positivity. She approaches everything she does with unwavering passion and commitment.

Currently resides in the beautiful coastal town of Faro in the Algarve, where she enjoys the tranquil lifestyle and the proximity to the beach, her happy place. Loves to create new memories and spend quality time with her loved ones at her family’s house on “Ilha do Farol” where she cherishes the unforgettable sunsets, that she insists are the most beautiful in the world.

Excited about what the future holds, Mariana is eager to continue learning, growing, and flourishing both personally and professionally.

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