Event merchandise


To create that special moment.

Looking for a personal gift or package for your clients, partners or colleagues? Starting point is your objective for your audience. We then create, we develop, we plan and we execute special moments.  At DDG Promotions we help you source your promotional products worldwide, store them and deliver when and where required.


What do we offer?

In these digital times, showing gratitude, giving personal attention to eachother; the human touch is essential. That is in essence what we offer at DDG, a tangible experience. To be more specific, we give you a feel for the various flavors we offer.










Customized handouts

Have one made for you! We can come-up with original ideas for your business gifts. As birthday presents for all your employees, attention seekers at a tradeshow, mail surprises for all your shareholders. You name it, we find a present that highlights your presence!

Business gifts

Christmas hampers, easter eggs, ramadan presents, summer barbeques, birthday gifts, anniversaries: there are many occasions that deserve special attention. DDG Promotions helps you select a present and deliver it in time.

Event merchandise

What to give participants who register at your company’s event, how to fill a press-pack, who do we delight with a goodie-bag? DDG Promotions is an expert in event merchandise. We assist with the concept, the development, the sourcing and the delivery.

Event equipment

DDG Promotions started out as a supportive activity in an event agency, so we know where to find event gear: the booths, the desks, the lights, the signage, the props. We can help you customize, install and store your event equipment, so your investment is not a one-time expenditure. It can be used again!

Classic give-aways

Writing gear, bags, notebooks, umbrella’s, usb-sticks, caps, coffee mugs, pocket knives, torches and an arsenal of other promotional products with or without your company logo: readily available at DDG Promotions.

Logo wearables

T-shirts, ponchoes, backpacks, training suits, swimgear, jackets, body-warmers, overalls: anything that can be worn by staff, by clients, by sponsored sporters or by brand fans. In company colors, with the company logo. In limited numbers or large quantities.


Business cards, envelopes, thank-you notes, wrapping paper, forms: all sorts of stationary can be developed, sourced and handled in collaboration with DDG Promotions.

Your dedicated online shop

Your dedicated online shop can have different departments depending on the choices you make. An obvious department is brand merchandise another is logo wear. We can also add project or campaign pages. Some clients manage stationary via their webshop or promotional gifts and vouchers for resellers. Our smart portal gives access to your shared storeroom, with DDG taking care of logistics and the personal touch.

Dedicated delivery

DDG Promotions takes care of delivery. Either as a batch, ready for internal distribution, or customised at the receivers address. We can also assist with virtual stock, as certain products can be printed on demand.

Visit our DDG Promotions webshop to get a feel for the range of products we offer.

Give us a ring and we will discuss the many possibilities we offer. +31 35 5411482