DDG can help you select and book the right speakers for your events.


“Find engaging and compelling speakers to captivate your attendees.”

DDG organises hundreds of events for the IT industry every year and has a good understanding of what makes a great speaker. Speakers can increase attendance and often create memorable high points at conferences.

If you need a compelling speaker at your event that will drive attendees and capture their imagination let us help you find them. Even if you aren’t sure about the sort of speaker that would be right for you, we can advise you, identify a shortlist, help you make a final selection and negotiate the booking.

We can also be on hand at the event to welcome and host your speakers so they are relaxed and ready when it’s their turn to address the audience.

Our project management activities:

  • Development of a speakers briefing
  • Coordination of speaker contacts
  • Briefing speakers
  • Production of PowerPoint template
  • Planning rehearsals on site or prior to the event, dry run

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