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Need a few extra hands to help organize hybrid events?

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A business event is basically like any other project. It starts with a simple idea and can get rather complicated when you want to see it fully realised. That is where event managers (or event planners) play a role. These people are trained to take care of all the details that can make a business event a true experience for all stakeholders.

We know, as DDG Smart Marketing we have orchestrated events for ICT companies all over Europe. A few decades of experience with live gatherings, but the past months mainly digital events for the knowledge industry. We are now preparing for hybrid get-togethers, blending real guests with online audiences. The big challenge for the next decade.

A few years ago our founder Ester de Graaf decided to start training aspiring independent event professionals in a spin-out called SEM (smart event managers). Almost instantly, she had a database full of talents who are highly in demand with companies seeking assistance with event marketing. So now we help-out with temporary or permanent marketing staff, project managers and selecting candidates for a new job.

  • Temp Event Planner
  • Interim Event Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Event Staff Search

Obviously the lockdowns and travel restrictions of the past months have caused complicated twisters in our industry, but as an agency we switched over to online events. The demand for temp workers and project managers has followed suit. On the one hand we see our community of independent event planners grow now traditional events are limited, but on the other hand we notice a growing demand for event experts that can deal with digital alternatives.

That is also why our placement service adds value. We provide our smart event managers with skills and tools to adapt to changing circumstances. We supply them with professional back-up and take care of the payroll. The combination ensures they can work dedicated for companies that need extra hands and are still in tune with current trends in the event industry. A win-win that works for us, and could work for you!


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On 19 May 2021

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