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What budget should you plan for an online event? ? That is a returning question in many projects. Not an easy one to answer. You may save costs with do-it-yourself tools, but will that make you stand-out from the crowd?

To give you an impression of possible online event expenditures, DDG has made a menu with an overview of production costs. We present those as a bandwidth, because there are always tricks to save money. And there are always extra demands that increase the costs again. We believe our menu is a good starting point for planning.

Download the DDG Online Event Menu Card deck

When we discuss costs we should also look at added values. What are the building blocks of a good online event and what does DDG bring to the table to make that event a true experience?

  1. Great Content: there is a world of difference between a promotional plug filled with sales-speak and a proper story, delivered by skilled speakers.
  2. Production Value: good sound, proper light, professional camerawork, an original set design, clear graphics, the right timing, a recognizable format.
  3. Multifunctional Platform: an online event is not just a video. We embed your webcasts or livestreams in a multifunctional platform that allows for interactivity and engagement through polls, side-chat, break-outs and alike.
  4. Before- and AfterCare: tell the world what you are planning to do and remind them of what you have done. Stretch the long-tail of your content.


What else happened the past few weeks?

Marketing Funnel

In this interview, Bjorn Lemmen (former senior marketing manager at Informatica) explains what position events have in the marketing funnel at Informatica.


Food & Lifestyle

The importance of fresh food and an active lifestyle as contributors to our health and wellbeing were addressed in a cloud conference for local health professionals that DDG helped produce. With a virtual expo space for sponsors. An interesting case to check.


SmartCom Activities in 2021


Feedback on our first SmartCom Summit was so positive that we have set-up a program of activities for 2021 with three digital Talkshows-events hosted by Charles Groenhuijsen, interviews, podcasts, user-cases and frequent newsletters. How does smartcom technology affect the workplace? What does it mean for customer connections? How does the infrastructure evolve?

With our SmartCom events we focus attention on new technology that contributes to improved connections between people worldwide. Together with partners and sponsors we aim to energize the whole smartcom business ecosystem. DDG in co-production with The Next Cloud is presenting its plans to sponsors these weeks, so please let us know if you are interested or help us hook-up with other potential partners.


Smartcaom Summit

With an optimistic and positive outlook we predict that real face-to-face events will return next year, thanks to vaccination and instant testing. That should hopefully result in a resurrection of the event industry.

It will be not the same industry though. We have made a leap forward with online events, so we expect to see a different mix of real gatherings, hybrid meet-ups and cloud conferences. A new balance. Agencies and service-providers have re-invented themselves, so we can cater for different demands. But we do look forward to be involved with real person-to-person hospitality again.

Stay healthy, stay safe, happy holidays.

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On 11 December 2020

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