Make ‘m join your conference…online!

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For your online event to be a real experience, you need more than just one main-stage performance. You want your visitors to have possibilities to network, to ask questions, to join breakouts, to visit exhibitors or vote in a poll.

Such an event experience is possible when you channel the main-stage performance through an event platform with several extra features. Skype, Zoom and Teams are great channels for online business meetings, but to get a proper conference experience you need a multi-zone platform. Not a singular channel, but an online theatre with a choice of rooms.

Some of the large international IT companies that DDG works with have preferred platforms, so we have a broad experience. They bring the tools, we add our skills. If you have no special preference, we recommend Let’s Get Digital. We have used this platform for several mid-size and larger online events, and found out that its multi-window interfaces do add value to the meet-ups. The visitors of your online event will feel welcome to engage, ask questions and chat with other attendees.

Such an event platform has specific advantages for large shareholder meetings, conventions and conferences where several participants expect to be heard. Visitors can ask questions, shareholders can vote, workgroups can have separate meetings in breakout rooms.

And if your team needs assistance in managing that online gathering: that is when the experience and skills of our team at DDG proves to be a valuable addition to the toolbox.

The next few weeks there are two expert meetings we would like to invite you to join, just click on this link.

09-03-2021 Monetizing Online/Hybrid Events (13:00-14:30)

23-03-2021 Online Touchpoints (15:00-16:30)


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On 4 March 2021

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