Who is steering your campaigns?

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Who is steering your marketing campaigns in the right direction?

Frequent travellers in Europe may have noticed that some airlines are experiencing labour disputes with their staff. This always happens when demand grows faster than the workforce. Being an employer can be a challenge in those conditions. Who to hire? Where do you find the team that gets the job done? Should they be on the payroll or do you prefer more flexible solutions?

It doesn’t help when you compare your pilots with bus drivers, though.

In marketing we observe a wave of temporary jobs. That is partly caused by the insecure economic conditions of the past few years. But it is also a more fundamental shift towards a project-based working environment. A new website, the launch of next-gen product line, the opening of a flagship store, entering a new market segment: these are all projects. They have a beginning, a middle and an end. And might lead to new projects. With fresh staffing.

This evolution has created a marketing ecosystem that is buzzing with freelancers and experts-for-hire. We feel at home in that community, especially since the economy is experiencing an upswing again. At DDG Smart Marketing we manage pan European events, mainly for technology companies. In the knowledge industry. Some clients prefer to partner for a program that has a horizon a few years further down. Others collaborate on a case-by-case basis. We adapt.

We are chameleons. Colourful, yet invisible. We know how to plug-in into different marketing platforms, get the invitations out and help calculate your return-on-events afterwards. We select the right accommodation, find all attendees a great hotel, are aware the catering needs to be picture perfect and ensure that the whole experience is smooth. And we love to help you find the right event merchandise. Be memorable.

The smallest gathering we handled was an influencer meetup for a new product launch; the largest a conference with thousand+ attendees. We work with clients that do EMEA on a land-by-land basis, but we are also happy to help you conquer the continent with one big happening. Most of our business is with larger organizations, but we enjoy working with the occasional start-up. Especially those from the Americas or Asia that need a stepping stone in Europe.

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On 21 December 2018

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