Online Events


Online events are a solution in times of social distancing

How do we stay in touch when we are supposed to keep distance? At DDG we believe business continuity is possible when we use digital events as a stepping stone to future marketing efforts. Everything to ensure your show goes on!

Digital Events

By broadcasting talkshows, keynotes and interviews online we can keep in touch with our customers. Digital distribution of our events is a wonderful way to inform, motivate and activate clients, distributors and other business partners.

At DDG we have developed several fast formats that can be combined into compelling online events. These can be webcasted in real-time or watched when convenient.

Online events are an excellent reason to contact your business partners and invite them to join-in or simply watch the show. A great way to keep your customers engaged.

When lockdown days are over, we can continue to use similar formats for hybrid events with smaller or even larger audiences on location. The advantage of hybrid events is that your reach is extended to online viewers, in real-time or delayed. This way your events will echo on much longer.

Other examples of online events are virtual meetings and even podcasts. At DDG we keep an eye on all possibilities and will keep you informed in our newsletters, our blogs and social media. You can sign up to our newsletter now or follow us on LinkedIn.