What we do

"Our events are touchpoints in your customers' journeys."

Making your events memorable steppingstones. We are smart event enablers who market and manage get-togethers online, hybrid and on location.


"Our clients have always been our best advocates and most of our business is from referrals. We are proud to have such loyal clients:"

About us

"DDG is the event enabler of choice for the technology industry. With boutiques in most European countries, we offer local knowledge and support."

We are a leading event agency that specialises in creating memorable events for organizations. We can help you manage every detail from inception to completion.


DDG has boutique offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain & Portugal, Italy, the Nordics and the United Kingdom

Our Work


Our teams assist organizations with events on national or European level. Meet-ups to share new insights, inspire stakeholders, elevate ecosystems en sometimes even energize whole industries.


We work for international IT companies, but also assist national health organizations, food companies and distributors of consumer electronics. They all have stories to share. Events are a great platform to get your message across. Not once, but several times. We help you communicate before and after the stage show, creating several touchpoints on your customers’ journeys.




A good event is an experience that leaves a lasting impression. It is our passion to create memories. DDG Smart Marketing helps you select the right content and the right people to present it. We suggest the right venue and find the best catering. We know what technology is needed and bring our own skills and tools. For your classical face-to-face meeting. For a digital gathering. Or for a mix of both: a hybrid conference with a small audience on location and a larger audience online.


Our vision is that business events and online activities will blend together with other community and content measures, so we are re-arranging our services to make that transformation a smooth one. Look at our case-stories, sign up to our newsletter and let us know if we can assist in any way.


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