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Meet DDG Smart Marketing

“DDG Smart Marketing is a dedicated event agency that specializes in delivering events and event focused marketing communication for the technology industry.  We have boutique offices in most European countries so we can offer local support.”

We are an energetic team of proactive event focused professionals, dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives. Delivering innovative and smart events and acting as your extended marketing communication office, always with a smile.

Companies are just like humans, they all have a unique personality. When we created our values, we wanted to avoid vague statements that didn’t mean anything to our team. Instead, we asked our team to choose the words they felt best reflected who we are and what we stand for. With input from everyone we captured the words, they aren’t regulations they’re more like the DNA that runs through us. We hope sharing them here will help you get to know us better.

DDG is a close-knit team, we help each other, challenge each other and inspire each other. Everything openly discussed, it helps us to think creatively and ensure we are always doing things the best way, everyone’s opinion is valued. The positive energy this creates flows into our relationships with our clients too.

Our team are always looking for new opportunities, small and large, to innovate and improve what we offer. It might be a special venue or cool giveaway for an event, whether it is a technology or a new partnership we can build, wherever we see good opportunities we help our clients to seize them.

We love challenges and know that the creativity, knowledge and talent of our team will get the job done. Our team thinks in terms of solutions, not problems. They take ownership of the projects they work on to make sure they drive successful outcomes for you.

We are always striving for growth and looking for ways to support and nurture it. Both personally and professionally, for your business, for your events, for our people and of course for DDG itself we support growth.

Where we are based

DDG has boutique offices in most European countries making it easy for us to offer local support and manage cross-border events. We help you to think globally and act locally.

Netherlands HQ

DDG has its HQ in The Netherlands. We have a strong team of dedicated events professionals that can become the event focused marketing communication engine for your business.

The Netherlands is our HQ. Located in Soest, less than an hour from Amsterdam the team are nearby to assist onsite at your Dutch events. We have secured favourable rates with many of the country’s best-known venues and know about some hidden gems too. Speak to us to find out how we can secure you great venues at competitive rates.

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  • Scott

    Managing Director

    Scott’s main focus is to guide the growth of DDG and its staff whilst ensuring high quality service remains standard, and to engage event professionals who are ambitious to join DDG’s compelling journey.

  • Jessica

    Project Assistant

    The service industry is in her veins and planning and organizing are in Jessica’s nature. She flourishes when a project, how big or small, is executed in a good way from start to finish and clients expectations are exceeded.

  • Anouk

    Project Assistant

    Anouk personifies the hospitality industry, she loves to make people happy and give them some extra attention. Hospitality and creating wonderful guest experiences are her passions so she always tries to add these elements into her work.

  • Britt

    Project Assistant

    When Britt graduated in hospitality management and marketing she knew that her passion is for marketing and event related projects.

  • Ester & SEM

    Founding partner

    Ester is one of the founding partners of DDG. Behind the radiant smile, the smooth talk and the gentle wit, you will find a seasoned professional with tons of experience in the event industry.

  • Arno

    Director & Founding Partner

    Arno´s family name is the first D in our trademark. You might not always see him at our events, but you can be sure he is involved. Some people take centre stage; others are facilitators behind the curtain.

  • Berli

    Legal & Operations

    Berli is focused on DDG’s own organisation. She improves processes and initiates developments that make life easier for everyone.

  • Evelien

    Senior Project Manager

    Planning, arranging and organizing are in her blood. Evelien always has a big smile and is full of enthusiasm and passion for events.

  • Judith

    Project Manager

    Judith loves to get creative and work with a theme that shows in all aspects of a campaign ensuring a consistent customer experience.

  • Liselore

    Commercial Director

    With over 15 years with DDG, Liselore has the orange blood of DDG running through her veins. She is responsible for all our sales and marketing activities.

  • Marleen

    Project Manager

    Marleen is always striving for continuous improvement and wants to make every event better than the last.

  • Nathalie

    Assistant Financial Manager

    Having excelled as a project manager for DDG Nathalie has moved into our finance team where we continue to benefit from her accurate working and eye for detail.


If you need help to deliver professional events in Belgium contact DDG, a leading European event agency with a boutique office in the heart of Belgium.

Based in Wemmel, on the outskirts of Brussels, our Belgian boutique office is well placed to provide on-site support at any of Belgium’s event venues. We have partnership agreements with a range of venues in Belgium and can help you find the perfect venue for your needs.

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  • Ine

    Junior Project Manager

    Ine started in March 2019 as a junior project manager. She supports two project managers in Belgium. It is a very broad function that goes from contact with suppliers to registration onsite.


  • Aurélie

    Project Manager

    Aurélie demonstrates creativity, professionalism and meticulousness throughout the creation, support and management of events.

  • Inneke

    Manager DDG Belgium

    Inneke loves creating a nice atmosphere and does so, with lots of energy and humour, even during stressful times.


DDG Germany can help to organise every aspect of events, whether large or small in fantastic venues across Germany. Our local team can be on hand to help devise and deliver events that will leave your attendees wanting more.

Based in Mainz, our Germany team support events in venues large and small. Making sure they can offer local support and knowledge. Our local relationships with venues can help you to secure favourable rates at Germany’s best event venues. Speak to us for advice on the right venue for your event.

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Are you looking for a trusted partner to help you to deliver events in Spain and Portugal? DDG can help you. We offer the A to Z of event services including all aspects of data, communication, content and event management.

Our Iberian team are based in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon. Whether you are looking for a large conference venue or a small intimate setting for your event the team can help you find the perfect location and negotiate favourable rates on your behalf.

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DDG offers end-to-end event services across Europe with boutique offices in most European countries. This includes our UK team that is dedicated to organising every aspect of your UK events.

Based in London, our team in the United Kingdom support events in venues large and small.  We have relationships with local venues and can help you to secure favourable rates at the finest UK venues. Get in touch for advice on the right venue for your event.

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Do you need to organise events in the Nordics? Whether you are looking to run events in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, or Sweden the DDG Nordics team can be your trusted events partner. We will work with you to define and deliver every aspect of your event from A-Z.

Our local Nordics team are on the ground with lots of experience of delivering events in the most popular venues in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

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Are you looking for the best event agency in Italy to help manage your events? DDG can help. DDG is a leading European event agency that specialises in delivering IT events across Europe including Italy.

Based in Milan, the Italian team are on hand to support any events you’re planning in Italy. They have the local knowledge to advise on the right venue for your event. Our relationships with many of the key venues in the country, enable us to secure the best deal with your event venue.

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DDG Promotions

The DDG Promotions team can help you find branded promotional items and giveaways that your clients will want to receive. If you want to keep your brand front of mind with promotional items that will be treasured or delight clients with giveaways they love, contact DDG promotions.

The DDG Promotions team can help you find branded promotional items and giveaways that your clients will want to receive. If you want to keep your brand front of mind with promotional items that will be treasured or delight clients with giveaways they love, contact DDG promotions.

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  • Laurean

    Account Manager DDG Promotions

    Laurean loves searching for the best giveaways and business gifts that will suit our client’s wishes.