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“Face-to-face gatherings, digital meet-ups and a blend of both are the future of events”

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Our experience is rooted in large and small events for international technology companies. Events with sales or marketing goals, but also to bring communities together for more general purposes. Events to share new insights, inspire stakeholders, elevate ecosystems and possibly energize whole industries.

Every event is a vehicle for content. We present information, share emotions and incite actions. As such, the event is part of a whole range of instruments: whitepapers, newsletters, blogs, social media, and advertising campaigns. Different outlets blend to create a symphony of signals and sounds. Vehicles to get your stories across.



At DDG Event Marketing we bring together the tools and skills to help you organize your events on location: launch parties, conferences, product presentations, corporate celebrations and even tradeshows participation. With our European network of associated boutiques, we can support clients all-over the continent.

We have extended our expertise to include digital events. That could be an inspiring talk show or a multiday online conference with contributions from different countries. Online events save air miles, reduce your carbon footprint, prevent us from spreading infections, and are easily shared via websites and social media.

We even learned to help you cut-up your digital event in several slices for many online purposes. We were squeezing every drop out of that effort. A good quote on Twitter, an inspiring keynote for Linkedin, all those workshops on Youtube, a funny moment on Facebook. Copy-paste it all over the web!

We squeeze, we blend: what can we do for you? Give us a ring and we will discuss the possibilities.

Make better use of the data your events generate

“Events generate data that can help your business. DDG can help you to capture and enhance the useful information, taking the hassle out of post-event processing by uploading data straight into your CRM system for you.”


As our ability to capture and process data gets ever more sophisticated, events generate more and more data. They can offer a mine of information you can use to grow your business.

DDG’s approach to data is innovative and smart. We can work with you to develop a data strategy that will help you to get the most out of your data before, during and after your events.

Before an event, we can help you make the most of your existing data by generating target audience lists from your own CRM system. We have experts who have experience of a diverse range of CRM platforms, so you don’t need to worry about which system you use.

During the event, we will help you to capture and enhance the data that is generated. We have digital tools such as MySmart Event App which can be used to update contact details, distribute surveys and provide reporting and statistics that measure the success of an event against your objectives.

After the event, we take the hassle out of data processing, by uploading directly into your CRM system, so you can focus on following up on any leads or business opportunities that the event has generated.

We are also well versed in GDPR and data protection legislation, so we can help you to stay compliant with regulations and take good care of your valuable customer data.

If you would like to know more about how we help you with data contact us.

Data Services

collect data regularly



GDPR & Events

The events industry has so many ways to collect and analyse customer data. Much of the data is sensitive so it must be carefully managed to ensure it is handled appropriately and is GDPR compliant.  All organisations that collect or process data relating to European citizens must comply with the regulations, failing to do so could have serious consequences.

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Database Management

Capturing useful data from your events is only the first step. Effective database management will ensure that your data is clean and current. Even before an event, we can work with you to make the most of your existing data.

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Data Enhancement

Events provide a great opportunity to enhance your customer data. Marketing and communications activities before, during and after an event can all create opportunities for client engagement. DDG helps clients to use this engagement to enhance their existing customer data and learn more about their clients.

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Data Strategy

Data is incredibly powerful but it can also be overwhelming. You must decide what data to collect, how to gather it, how to store it and how to use it. It is essential that you comply with all legislation including the latest regulations such as GDPR.

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DDG supports customers to deliver engaging content.

“Good content is critical for successful events. Our experts can advise you and help to manage the creation of event content.”

Engaging content is what keeps delegates signing up for your events again and again. Every year we run hundreds of events for IT customers and getting the right content at each event is a huge part of what makes those events so successful.

We work with our customers right from the start when they are planning an event. We can advise on the best type of event and work with you to develop a content strategy and concept design to astonish attendees and deliver an engaging customer experience.

To ensure the event flows and delivers that all-important customer experience, we can advise on the best way to create an agenda. We will also develop a marketing plan to maximise the benefit you can gain from the event content. This will use a multichannel approach that includes offline and online (digital) channels, DDG takes care of everything.

Once a concept for an event has been created, we work with you to ensure consistent messaging runs throughout the design, theming and marketing communications.

We can also organise in-depth telemarketing and market research on your behalf. Having original content that has been created specifically for an event can provide a powerful draw for delegates to attend.

We can recommend, negotiate with, and book appropriate speakers based on the event concept and project manage the creation of content across all the contributors to ensure that everything is ready in time.

Contact us about how we could help you with your event content.

Content Services

relevant content for your audience



Agency Consultancy

Having local support for events is a useful way to ensure everything runs smoothly on site. Local knowledge from professional events staff who know an area well can be incredibly invaluable. Our boutique partners often have existing relationships with key venues in their local area and can help to negotiate favourable rates on your behalf.

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Value Proposition Messaging

A strong value proposition is essential for a business to grow and thrive the same is true for your events. The events industry has changed and is far more experience focused than it has been in the past. It is essential that you understand the value proposition of your event and the messages you want to communicate to the attendees.

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Content development & management

Compelling content draws strong event attendance and promotes good engagement but creating and managing the process can be a significant challenge. DDG can help you to develop good quality content or manage the collection and curation of presentations and materials from across your organisation.

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Increase attendance and engagement with effective marketing communication

“Marketing communication is essential to increase attendance and drive engagement at events. DDG is an expert in developing and delivering event focused marketing communication.”

Marketing communication plays an essential role in successful events. The most carefully planned event will fail if nobody knows about it. Good marketing communication drives attendance to events by capturing delegates interest and creating a buzz. However, with so many communication channels it can be difficult to know the most effective way to communicate about your event.

DDG can help you use your event-related marketing communication to achieve more. We can work with you to create a communication strategy that meets your needs. We manage all online and offline event communication including social media content and communication sent via event apps so you don’t have to. Whether it’s event teasers, invitations, thank you messages or reminders we ensure consistent multichannel messaging.

DDG can develop an audience acquisition strategy too and because we have expertise in a diverse range of CRM systems, help you extract the right contacts from your own CRM systems or source lists.

We can also develop and manage event websites and databases for registrations, all email and social media campaigns and any offline printed materials including branded goods.

Event apps are a great way of engaging with event attendees, especially in the tech industry. DDG has a lot of expertise creating and managing these apps for our clients. Good app development is an increasingly important aspect of event marketing communication. We give our clients the technological edge when they make use of our digital tools including MySmart Event App.

MySmart Event App is a multilingual app that offers a comprehensive set of features that enhance customer experience and drive engagement. Pushing marketing communication via the app is a great way to get delegates to engage with an event before it has even begun. It’s a powerful way to communicate with your audience and build community among attendees.

For branded goods, we have MySmart Portal, a sales portal that makes it easy for your teams to order merchandise. DDG handles all the warehouse, storage and logistics of marketing materials to ensure you get a quick, flexible service without the hassle.

If you are working with sponsors we can also manage all sponsor communication, ensuring that they are kept up to date and have a good experience which helps to further build your relationship with them.

Contact us to find out how we can help you with your marketing communication needs.

Communication Services

building a website for an event



Web Development

Whether you are looking for a standalone website, a microsite or a simple registration page for your event, DDG can manage the whole process for you. DDG develops all event websites in-house and can also provide an internal portal for multi-event information sharing.

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Digital Tools

DDG has a range of smart digital tools that will help you to deliver your event communication more effectively.

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Social Media

Social media channels offer an unparalleled opportunity to start conversations with online communities and engage your audience throughout your events. Use them to spark interest and promote your event ahead of time, as a platform to engage during the event and afterwards to maintain and deepen relationships.

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Online & Offline Communication

With so many online and offline communication channels available it can be difficult to know which will be most effective for your event communication. At DDG our experts can advise you on the best mix of online and offline activities to really get your message across.

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Communication Planning

DDG can help you to plan all your event focused marketing communication to ensure you retain consistency across online and offline channels. We will help you to develop an audience-centred communication plan that will deliver integrated multi-channel campaigns, making the best use and combination of channels to get your message across.

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End to end services that take the hassle out of events


“Events shouldn’t be ad hoc activities but an important part of your marketing and communication strategy. DDG can help you to develop and execute an event strategy that supports your business goals.”

The events industry is changing. There is an increasing focus on the customer experience before, during and after events and digital developments are transforming what is possible.  As an event agency that specialises in B2B events specifically for the IT industry, we have a lot of insight about the best strategies to help you to get the most from your events.

We assist our B2B clients in developing their event marketing strategy ensuring they are investing in the right events to achieve the results they want.

We manage hundreds of events each year for IT customers, providing the A to Z of event production and managing their events from conception to completion.

Our event services include event support for many types of event from large conferences to tradeshows and exhibitions, we even offer Event in a Box, a compelling concept that takes the hassle out of organising small sales events like breakfasts, workshops and roundtable meetings.

DDG also has considerable experience in running hybrid events which combine a traditional live event with a virtual event allowing you to reach a far larger audience.

Our end-to-end service includes strategy, event planning, content, data, communications and all event logistics from name badges to hotel bookings. We have tried and tested processes and smart innovative digital tools to ensure the easy and smooth running of the events we manage. You can keep track of your events every step of the way with MySmart Dashboard.

To read about some of the events we have organised for IT customers go to our cases or contact us directly.


Event Services

manage onsite event



Onsite Staffing

Good quality event staff are essential to ensure that everything runs smoothly and your attendees are well cared for. They create the first impression and should be excellent ambassadors for your brand.

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Over the years DDG has found a broad range of talented entertainers who can be booked to add an extra wow and memorable moments to your event. Based on your event objectives DDG can help you to select and book the right entertainers.

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Marketing Materials & Giveaways

For all your event giveaways, branded materials and promotional items we offer DDG Promotions. In addition to a comprehensive webshop of quality branded items, DDG Promotions can also create a tailor-made proposal for any of your event giveaway requirements.

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Conference Deliverables

Many of the events DDG organises include conference deliverables such as delegate packs or feedback forms. Our team has extensive experience in pulling together and organising all the components required. DDG takes away the hassle of making sure each delegate has exactly what they need.

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Logistics & Onsite Management

Even the smallest details matter, our local teams will carefully manage all the event logistics so your staff can focus on interacting with the attendees. Onsite we manage the welcome and registration process, we help speakers feel at ease and assist them in getting to any rehearsals.

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Branding, Routing & Signage

At large venues with hundreds or thousands of attendees, branding, routing and signage is essential to avoid congestion and confusion. No matter how large or complicated your event is DDG can help you create branding, routing and signage.

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Event Production

DDG can manage every aspect of event production for you including all your technical and staging support, AV and lighting specialists. We can oversee the end-to-end design, build and removal of staging, sets and event dressing.

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DDG organises hundreds of events for the IT industry every year and has a good understanding of what makes a great speaker. Speakers can increase attendance and often create memorable high points at conferences.

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Industry Trade Fairs & Exhibition Stands

In addition to hosting your own events, there are always must-attend industry exhibitions and trade fairs you can use to increase your brand presence and generate leads. Regardless of how large or small your stand is, DDG can help deliver a strong brand presence and encourage and facilitate interactions.

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Venue Search & Logistics

DDG’s large European footprint means that we have become venue experts throughout Europe. We have long established relationships with a wide range of venues and are constantly seeking out new and different options. Our team is always happy to find the perfect venue to meet your requirements.

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