Increase attendance and engagement with effective marketing communication

“Marketing communication is essential to increase attendance and drive engagement at events. DDG is an expert in developing and delivering event focused marketing communication.”

Marketing communication plays an essential role in successful events. The most carefully planned event will fail if nobody knows about it. Good marketing communication drives attendance to events by capturing delegates interest and creating a buzz. However, with so many communication channels it can be difficult to know the most effective way to communicate about your event.

DDG can help you use your event-related marketing communication to achieve more. We can work with you to create a communication strategy that meets your needs. We manage all online and offline event communication including social media content and communication sent via event apps so you don’t have to. Whether it’s event teasers, invitations, thank you messages or reminders we ensure consistent multichannel messaging.

DDG can develop an audience acquisition strategy too and because we have expertise in a diverse range of CRM systems, help you extract the right contacts from your own CRM systems or source lists.

We can also develop and manage event websites and databases for registrations, all email and social media campaigns and any offline printed materials including branded goods.

Event apps are a great way of engaging with event attendees, especially in the tech industry. DDG has a lot of expertise creating and managing these apps for our clients. Good app development is an increasingly important aspect of event marketing communication. We give our clients the technological edge when they make use of our digital tools including MySmart Event App.

MySmart Event App is a multilingual app that offers a comprehensive set of features that enhance customer experience and drive engagement. Pushing marketing communication via the app is a great way to get delegates to engage with an event before it has even begun. It’s a powerful way to communicate with your audience and build community among attendees.

For branded goods, we have MySmart Portal, a sales portal that makes it easy for your teams to order merchandise. DDG handles all the warehouse, storage and logistics of marketing materials to ensure you get a quick, flexible service without the hassle.

If you are working with sponsors we can also manage all sponsor communication, ensuring that they are kept up to date and have a good experience which helps to further build your relationship with them.

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