Meet DDG Smart Marketing

“DDG takes a smart and innovative approach to events and event focused marketing communications. We have a series of digital tools that drive efficiency and deliver a better customer experience. In effect, they do the hard work for you and increase the benefits you get from running an event.”

Event in a Box

Event in a Box is a concept that enables sales teams to organize small-scale meetings and/or events, which are not covered by the marketing team, such as breakfasts, dinners, roundtable sessions. These can be run with or without partners for customers or prospects.

The sales team access the service directly through a custom-made portal which is branded for you.
Each event request has a maximum budget which you set and is paid for quickly and easily via credit card. There is also an automated approval process to ensure all events are approved by marketing or sales management.

The aim is to meet the sales team’s need to rapidly organise small tactical events and meetings that will generate leads without creating additional work for the marketing team or sales managers.

Once an event request has been approved, DDG will organise all the logistics of the event including the venue search, catering, audio visual equipment, badges, signage/roll-up banners, goodies and project management.

During the event DDG will offer event support such as registration of customers, being the main contact for the venue and making sure everything runs smoothly. This leaves your sales team to focus on speaking to clients and prospects.

Event in a Box is a great way to offer your sales team the service they want whilst freeing up your marketing team and sales managers to focus on more strategic activities.

MySmart Event App

MySmart Event App is a fully featured and multilingual event app that makes it easier to manage events, gives a richer customer experience and drives greater engagement.

MySmart Event App helps marketing teams track the success of their events in real time. It allows you to monitor event engagement, user activities, sessions, surveys and much more. It is a powerful communication tool that drives efficiency as you can easily share and update delegates with all the information they need directly to their mobile device. It also provides you with a great way to collect valuable data securely and in compliance with GDPR. Having MySmart Event App provides a richer customer experience at your event by giving easy access to session notes, content downloads, surveys and the opportunity to network and directly message other delegates. It works on smartphones, tablets and computers so it’s easy to access for everyone.

It enables delegates to network and build communities, this can begin before the event has even started as the app provides delegates with multiple ways to connect. Through the app they can easily make appointments, find and send questions to experts as well as sharing documents and downloading content. MySmart Event App is a great way to encourage delegates to really engage with an event and get the most out of it.

MySmart Dashboard

One of the things our clients love about working with DDG is how easy it is for them to keep on top of what is happening across all their events.

MySmart Dashboard helps you keep track of all your events in real-time in a single place 24/7. The dashboard contains all the planning, budgets, event materials, scripts and other pre-defined parameters. It gives you up-to-the-minute information reports and statistics, so you know exactly how things are progressing and how successful each event is.

MySmart Event Registration

Take the stress out of event registration with MySmart Event Registration, a real-time user-friendly system that handles delegate registration.

It allows you to see new registrations, accept or decline them and automatically send email confirmations. It enables all the data to be merged to create event badges and any other personalised items.

MySmart Event Network

Take networking a step further with MySmart Event Network, a tool that allows delegates to make appointments either ahead of time or during the event, with each other, with the speakers and experts that will be at the event.

Delegates log into the network with a personalized log-in on their own computer. It can also be loaded onto handheld devices to enhance networking at the event. MySmart Event Network can be used in isolation or as part of MySmart Event App.

MySmart Portal

Are your stock cupboards bulging with event materials, stationery and out-of-date merchandise that still has your old logo? Has your sales team gone rogue, ordering cheap giveaways that make your brand look bad? Get rid of all these issues with MySmart Portal, the online portal for all your promotional items and gadgets.

MySmart Portal offers storage and complete stock management of your event materials and branded goods and gives you control over which items can be ordered and how your logo is used on branded items.

It centralizes all purchasing which allows you to benefit from economies of scale across your organisation. A quick and flexible service with monthly financial reporting so you can keep track of spending. The portal can be branded for you and is a secure environment.

We take care of all the logistics and distribution so there’s no hassle for you just good quality items that reflect the quality of your brand.


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