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Meet DDG Event Marketing.



Our Team

We are an energetic team of proactive event focused professionals, dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives. Delivering innovative and smart events and acting as your extended marketing communication office, always with a smile and true to our core values.

SHARE THE ENERGYDDG is a close-knit team, we help, challenge and inspire each other. Everything openly discussed, it helps us to think creatively and ensure we are always doing things the best way. Everyone’s opinion is valued. The positive energy this creates flows into the relationships with our clients and energizes our ecosystem.

SEE OPPORTUNITIES. Our teams are always looking for new ideas, small and large, to innovate and improve what we offer. It can be a special venue or a cool giveaway for an event, whether it is a new technology or a new partnership we can build: wherever we see interesting opportunities we help our clients to seize them.

DRIVE SUCCESS. We love challenges and know that the creativity, knowledge and talent of our team will get the job done. Our team thinks in terms of solutions, not problems. They take ownership of the projects they work on to make sure they drive successful outcomes for you.

SUPPORT GROWTH. We are always striving for growth and looking for ways to support and nurture it. Both personally and professionally, for your business, for your events, for our people and of course for DDG itself.




Netherlands HQ

DDG has its HQ in The Netherlands. We have a strong team of dedicated events professionals that can become the event focused marketing communication engine for your business.

The Netherlands is our HQ. Located in Baarn, less than an hour from Amsterdam the team are nearby to assist onsite at your Dutch events. We have secured favourable rates with many of the country’s best-known venues and know about some hidden gems too. Speak to us to find out how we can secure you great venues at competitive rates.

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  • Nathalie

    Financial Manager

    Having excelled as a project manager for DDG Nathalie has moved into our finance team where we continue to benefit from her accurate working and eye for detail.

  • Anna

    Office Manager & Operational Coordinator

    Planning, arranging and organizing are in her blood. Anna always has a big smile and is full of enthusiasm and passion on what she does.


If you need help to deliver professional events in Belgium contact DDG, a leading European event agency with a boutique office in the heart of Belgium.

Based in Groot-Bijgaarden-Bijgaarden, on the outskirts of Brussels, our Belgian boutique office is well placed to provide on-site support at any of Belgium’s event venues. We have partnership agreements with a range of venues in Belgium and can help you find the perfect venue for your needs.

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  • Inneke

    Manager DDG Belgium

    Inneke loves creating a nice atmosphere and does so, with lots of energy and humour, even during stressful times.

  • Cedric

    Project Manager

    Cedric is a born organizer, who is always busy working on all sorts of events or marketing projects.

  • Ines

    Junior Project Manager

    Ines is a very outgoing person with a heart for people.
  • Robin

    Medior Project Manager

    Robin is the champion at keeping a cool head in the most stressful situations. He loves to laugh and never takes himself too seriously.


Based in Tavira, the Portugal Boutique can offer on-site support and local knowledge that will help your event run smoothly. Ask us about local venues, we have existing relationships and can negotiate good rates on your behalf.

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  • Liselore

    Commercial Director

    With over 15 years with DDG, Liselore has the orange blood of DDG running through her veins. She is responsible for all our sales and marketing activities.

  • Tiago Pereira


    Junior Marketing Assistant

    Tiago is a hardworking young man, always willing to give his best for any project he embraces.

  • Mariana

    Junior Marketing Assistant

    Mariana is a motivated and enthusiastic team player with a background in Design and Digital Marketing, known for her dedication and contagious energy. Always seeking new ways to continuously improve and make a positive impact.

DDG Promotions

DDG Promotions’ strength is the personal advice it gives to its clients and the coordination of its purchasing, printing, storage and delivery activities. The whole process from the first moment in the best hands. We are your personal shopper in the world of business gifts and giveaways. But of course you are also welcome at our self-service where you will find countless products:  www.ddg-webshop.com. Would you like a sparring partner? Then we are always ready to help!

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  • Laurean

    Manager DDG Promotions

    Laurean loves searching for the best giveaways and business gifts that will suit our client’s wishes.

  • Christian

    Account Manager

    Chris likes to look together with the client for innovative promotional items and gift packages.