How Hologram technology is changing events?

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There is no denying that the world has seen tremendous technological advancement in recent years, and the coronavirus crisis has only hastened that progress. Due to the pandemic-related travel bans, the B2B event industry has been forced to rapidly adjust to surmount the obstacles it faces, leading to the transformation and adaptation to a new reality. Indeed, there are numerous positive opportunities for providers and organizers of events as a result of this technological development. People are increasingly connecting online and want the same level of communication and intimacy that they are used to with the web to take place at live events.

As the world of event management advances, event organizers now have a choice to create physical, digital, or hybrid events.  The past few years have seen tech giants, such as Mark Zuckerberg, popularize the term ‘Metaverse‘, which is predicted to be the future of the event industry. However, as Hologram and Augmented Reality (AR) technology advances, holograms are quickly becoming a contender in the competition for the ultimate virtual reality crown.

Welcome to a new reality 

The boundaries between physical and virtual reality are blurring, as holograms promise to revolutionize the way we interact with immersive worlds. Instead of displaying a remote participant on a screen through video conferencing tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, the technology can project a three-dimensional replica of the person into a space, be it a boardroom or stage. Companies such as Holopresence and Proto make it possible for you to be in multiple places at once. Think about it, you can be present in your office in Brussels and still be engaged in a live conference happening in Paris, Amsterdam, or London. It’s not like watching a 2D live stream on a flat screen, but rather like being there in real. Public speakers won’t have to dedicate days or hours on a plane or car, to reach their event site. Think about the amount of time and money you’ll save, the potential for long-term cost reduction, and the positive impact on the environment! All you’ll have to do is to pop into a recording studio, where the talk can be either transmitted live or broadcast later.  

Think ahead like ABBA  

Have you heard about the ABBA Voyage Tour? This new holographic concert has revolutionized live entertainment! Using cutting-edge technology, it brings back the Swedish supergroup as holographic figures in a nostalgic and futuristic show. Fans can see their favorite pop stars in a way that is both realistic and mind-blowing. For the first time ever, new-generation fans can experience ABBA performing live as the holograms of Benny, Bjorn, Agnetha, and Anni-Frid capture the spirit of the original group as they sing, dance, and interact with the audience as if it were their heyday. The ABBA hologram concert is not just a concert, it is a revolutionary event that has the power to change the way we experience live music. It pushes the boundaries of what is possible and offers a glimpse into the future and will be remembered as a landmark moment in the history of live entertainment. 

Other reasons why you should implement holograms in your next event:  

  • Amaze the audience and create a lasting memory – The current state of hologram technology provides a realistic and lag-free image, allowing viewers to have an interactive experience. Once the projection appears, attendees will take out their phones to record the moment to share on their social media, and it’s usually what people will be buzzing about after the end of the show.  
  • Position your brand as avant-garde – Holograms have revolutionized the way we communicate across boundaries. This technology is rapidly advancing and leading the way for even more innovation. It can help to position your brand as tech-savvy and daring, one that is ready to take on the latest trends. 
  • “Wow” the audience with your display – Showcase your product, service, or concept in a captivating way with a hologram that appears to your audience right before them. This type of presentation will increase curiosity and participants’ engagement. You’ll be sure to leave an impact on the attendees.

Build up a holistic virtual experience 

While Augmented Reality (AR) and the Metaverse may be rivals in certain respects, they can also combine forces to create a more holistic virtual experience.  AR holograms could be used as a means of previewing what the Metaverse has to offer before fully entering it. Additionally, these two technologies could work together to give users the ability to move between physical and virtual realms with ease. 

AR and the Metaverse have the potential to merge forces in order to improve virtual experiences, for all users. While competition is inevitable, the collaboration between these two technologies could lead to much more immersive and exciting virtual experiences. Be assured that holograms Augmented Reality and the Metaverse will soon become integral parts of our everyday life and indispensable tools for the event industry. 

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On 20 February 2023

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