Salesforce Live EMEA

Salesforce Live EMEA


Salesforce Live EMEA

Salesforce Live EMEA

We are very proud to share that we have organized this year the BeLux Salesforce Live event in Brussels where we welcome more than 900 attendees from clients, prospects, business partners, and the Salesforce workforce. This was our biggest event of the year and it took place in the very trendy Event Lounge where keynote sessions, workshops, breakfasts, networking, silent disco sessions, and exhibitions with sponsors took place. We had so much fun transforming the venue from what it was into a whole Salesforce world with trees, branding, lego city, a gin and ice cream bar and so much more. We have already launched the preparation of the next edition in 2023.

Salesforce Live was an annual conference hosted by Salesforce, a leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. The conference brought together Salesforce customers, partners, and experts to learn about CRM and digital transformation trends.

Attendees of Salesforce Live had the opportunity to hear from key Salesforce executives and experts, as well as network with other attendees and discover new ways to drive business growth and success. The conference featured sessions, workshops, and speeches on AI, customer service, and sales and marketing.

One of the highlights of Salesforce Live was the announcement of new Salesforce products and features. Attendees had a first look at new Salesforce innovations and learned how to improve customer experiences and drive growth.

In addition to the conference sessions and product announcements, Salesforce Live also featured a bustling exhibition hall, where attendees could explore the latest solutions and services from Salesforce partners. The conference offered attendees opportunities to enhance their CRM strategies and learn from experts.

Overall, Salesforce Live was a valuable event for attendees looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the world of CRM and digital transformation.

The conference provided attendees with knowledge and connections to succeed in the digital age.

Want to have a feel of what it was? Check out our after-movie here. 

A showcase of innovation and cutting-edge technology, as attendees had the chance to learn about the latest Salesforce products and features and gain valuable insights on CRM and digital transformation trends from key Salesforce executives and experts.


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