Junior Marketing Assistant

DDG Smart Marketing, Portugal


Tiago is a recent graduate with a strong ambition to succeed and is excited to embark on his career journey as a Junior Marketing Assistant at DDG. Born and raised in Olhão, a small fisherman village in Portugal, he attended school in his hometown, before pursuing higher education in Faro. Tiago’s childhood was filled with a variety of sports, but it was through his experiences in the pool that he discovered his true passion for swimming. For ten years, Tiago dedicated himself to this sport, learning discipline, resilience, and the importance of teamwork along the way. These values have stayed with him and continue to shape him into the driven and proactive individual he is today.

In his free time, Tiago enjoys staying active, watching movies, cooking, traveling, fishing, and taking pictures with his drone. His love for marketing grew out of these hobbies and Tiago is excited to put his skills and knowledge to work in an international professional setting. Tiago is always ready for a challenge and he is eager to continue learning and growing while pursuing his career goals. In the future, he hopes to make a meaningful impact in the world of marketing. Additionally, he aims to become a respected thought leader, sharing his knowledge and expertise with others.

Tiago Pereira

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