How do events fit in your content carousel?

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It is only one generation ago that companies could reach future clients with advertising campaigns. In 2020 our media environment is fragmented. Target groups are scattered all over the internet, apps and social media. Privacy protection prevents advertisers from simply buying lists with telephone numbers and email addresses to approach prospects with commercial content.

That is why outbound advertising is replaced by inbound marketing. Knowing that most customers actively seek info before they make serious buying decisions, suppliers have to make sure their content is easily available. They have to present their knowledge and try to climb on the preferred supplier lists.

What content?

A broad diversity, we would suggest, not just the factual and the functional. We have gathered a few suggestions in our content carousel: the imaginary merry-go-round of interconnected news items surrounding every organization. That overview includes blogs and vlogs, but also newsletters, whitepapers and infographics. Join forums and be visible in industry groups. Invite people to your own events and participate in those of others.

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Events are a great occasion to discuss the research that you published in whitepapers, to share the views that you expressed in press interviews or company blogs. Events are moments to share with experts who know your business. They are meeting opportunities with clients, developers and resellers. And good times to share drinks with people in your eco-system.

Events are our core business at DDG Europe. But we are advocates for events that are surrounded by other activities, embedded in a broad range of marketing activities. We know that events should be preceded by invitations in blogs and newsletters. And we are aware that your gatherings are more effective when they are followed-up in social media, email and even personal contacts.

Events are essential parts in the ever-turning content carousel that attracts new people to your eco-system. The online events that we have added as an extra instrument to our portfolio can be a great contribution to your merry-go-round. Invite your current clients and other stakeholders to watch the webcast, add it to your content collection, and future visitors with an interest in your company will find inspiration.

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On 17 July 2020

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