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Online events are a means for Rabobank to demonstrate the bank’s involvement with small and medium enterprise. In front of a few camera’s and in a simple set (two chairs and a background) Rabobank lets two business owners discuss themes such as social enterprise or cashflow. All under the label¬†Kennismakers – translated as a combination of ‘getting acquainted’ and ‘making knowledge’. Have a look at the videos and you will agree: this looks good as a series. That is what we at DDG call a fast format. It does require some thinking and good preparation, but then these online events are easy to produce.

With these kind of productions we look at four dimensions, or four facets. The first is content. Rabobank works with real people, not actors. What they say is probably prepared a bit with an event-editor who coaches these business owners, but the presentations are not scripted. The conversations are authentic. This is not theatre! The second dimension is what we call production value. Notice how several camera’s are used in a clever way. The sound is crisp. The lighting is good. And the set is relaxed. With contrasting colors in the background. No big logo’s, no distractions. Graphics can be super-imposed later. Keep it simple, stupid!

A third dimension would be the platform, but that is more important for live online events. These recorded dialogues are webcasted on Rabobank’s website and via social media. They are also available as a gradual growing series on Youtube, so anyone can embed them. The forth facet are activities before and after; the online event as a part of other marketing activities. For Rabobank these videos serve to show how involved the bank is, even in times when it can’t participate in real life events.

The online events can also be used in a tactical manner. In many dialogues we see farmers involved. Farming is where the bank’s roots are, so with these videos the Rabobank shows its allegiance with farmers. Very clever!

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On 18 January 2021

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