Why online events are a good match with inbound marketing

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Events and inbound marketing were always a somewhat odd couple. The general rule for inbound marketing is that customers are the guiding factor. As a supplier or service provider you have to make content available for customers to discover whenever it suits them. The contacts are directed inward, not outward.

Events however, have a few outbound dimensions. If you want a large group of customers, resellers, developers or other stakeholders to gather under one roof and view your stageshow, try your products and enjoy your catering, you will need to invite them, remind them and activate them to actually join-in.

Grow your fan-base

Online events combine the best of both worlds. You may still be tempted to use outbound marketing tools to promote your online talkshow, interview or product launch, but those events can also be made available as recorded shows for future viewers who are looking for content themselves. Online events help you build a content carousel that is relevant for your target groups and grow your fan-base by slowly gathering additional viewers.

That is why these days of social distancing are a great opportunity to add online events to your inbound marketing mix. Develop your own online talkshow format, have it produced in a professional manner and upload the content to your company media channels.

At DDG Europe we have helped many clients organize stage shows and conferences which are recorded and shared online. Those webcasts are usually seen as additional activity, a spin-off. Since corona all the events we produce are primarily made to be broadcasted online. Soon we expect to start with hybrid get-togethers: talkshows and presentations for selective audiences. But still with the intention to amplify that content online.

Keep it simple, stupid

Online events need special care. Simply recording the performance that you had planned for a live audience is not sufficient. An online show needs to be more condensed, it should be designed for cam. TV-shows can be an inspiration, but be aware that production for TV is often elaborate and complex. That is why we suggest: keep it simple, stupid. We have listed a few tips on our blog.

Simple is not the same as low-tech. We at DDG Europe work with professional studios and skilled people for sound, light and camera. The difference is visible, especially now when everybody is video-conferencing from home. Our online talk shows and presentations have production value added. And extra features! We have organized online events that combined video-streams from different locations. And we like to make interaction possible by engaging our viewers, involve them in the exchange of information.

At DDG Europe we are currently collecting examples of such online shows to develop a look-book and discuss: what works well and what doesn’t. That look-book is also a catalogue for clients: what kind of event would fit your purposes? If you are interested in receiving our observations: just leave your details on our mail-page. And maybe you have your own observations that you’d like to share with us. We are all learning, so join the club.




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On 3 September 2020

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